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D'Loft style

D’Loft style: top quality at the best price

D’Loft is managed by a team that has more than 25 years of experience in importation. Our company carefully chooses charming furniture that transcends time. D’Loft directly imports it and then sells it without going through intermediaries, at the best price. D’Loft has very short lead times and ships to any location within North America from its huge Quebec warehouse. D’Loft leads the business of distinctive modern furniture.


Create the table of your dreams!

It’s not easy to find the perfect table for your dining room, is it? Have it made to measure! D’Loft allows you to customize your piece of furniture by putting its elements together to your taste. Choose a table top of the size, material and style that suit you. Acacia, mango tree or Indian rosewood? Straight or natural cut (live edge)? Add a base from the available numerous models. And there you go, a table that you’ll never see anywhere else! Assembly is included when you choose our delivery service Gants blancs.

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Collections for all budgets

In D’Loft a dining table for eight guests retails for $600… or $3000. Why this difference? It’s because of the mode of production, which varies among collections.

At affordable prices, the ZEN collection features laminated wood furniture. This assembly of layered sheets is very stable and sturdy. It offers top quality products at a lower price.

Among the top range, we find the NATURE collection. These solid-wood pieces of furniture are manufactured with huge boards, drawn from the trunk, which reveal all the richness of the material. Every piece has unique patterns and colors. Sometimes the silhouette accompanies the natural contour of the tree, following the principles of natural design (also called free form or live edge). We’re talking about noble products with a price that reflects their timeless allure.

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Durable finish performed in Canada

When brought here, furniture from tropical locations must adapt to the new weather conditions. Sometimes wood “moves” slightly, which may cause small fissures. This is a natural process. It contributes to the authentic charm of veneered pieces.

In order to avoid potential issues, D’Loft has set up a control system. All pieces of furniture of the NATURE collection, which are manufactured from whole pieces of solid wood, undergo a long beauty treatment when they arrive in Quebec. First, they spend three months in a drying station designed to extract excess humidity. Then, they’re handed to a cabinetmaker who gives them a treatment and varnishes them. This careful finish enhances the beauty of the exotic essences in a durable way. It ensures a hassle-free acquisition for our customers.